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Who is 屈原 and what is 端午節(Dragon Boat Festival)?


Many people know that 端午節(Dragon Boat Festival) is because a bad king doesn’t want to accept the 建議(advice) from a kind 大臣(minister) 屈原.

So 屈原 drowned himself and people throw the rice packed with leaves into the river to make the fish not eat 屈原.


Alright, so who is the 屈原?

He was born in a noble family and got a COO in the kingdom at the age of 19, which means he is not only very smart, but also take the advantage on work field. However, when he wanted to conduct some new policies, many 大臣(ministers) are not on the same side as his.

What did he do to face this?

Well, he kept believing in the king will choose him.

In the end, the 大臣(ministers) started to tell 屈原’s bad things to the king, so the king made 屈原 leave the capital.


Then, the romantic 屈原 wrote his Twitter post saying the king just like a 女神(goodness) he wants to chase!

And the Twitter posts are so romantic and beautiful that became a book called 離騷(Lisao).

((屈原:Oh girl~if you don’t love me, I would jump into the sea~))

Yep, it looks really like they are a gay couple!


When he went to the bank of the river, there’s a 漁夫(fisherman) came and asked him, “Why the famous 大臣(minister) 屈原 are here?”

He said, “眾人皆醉我獨醒。” (Everyone in the world is drunk, and I am the only one who is sober.)

The 漁夫(fisherman) said, “You can pretend you are drunk to be more suitable for the work.”

屈原 refused his 建議(advice).

In the end, the 漁夫(fisherman) swings his paddle and said, “滄浪之水清兮,可以濯吾纓;滄浪之水濁兮,可以濯吾足。” (If the water in the river is clean, it can clean my hat; if the water in the river is dirty, it can clean my feet.)


After that, 屈原 drowned himself in the river.

If you were 屈原, what would you do?




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