Our Vision

  • Dahua Student Speaking Program helps students in developing countries have a better chance to earn scholarships in Chinese-speaking countries.
  • We cooperate with the migrant community, helping migrants in Taiwan fit into society and acquire better jobs.
  • We assist foreign laborers by providing their children with a more quality education.
  • Dahua Chinese is the freest learning material in Chinese teaching and learning field. We won’t avoid any political topics and will neutrally discuss topics in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Our topics are always trending, allowing students to talk about the hottest topics in Chinese.

SDGs8: Decent work and economic growth

  • Mandarin Chinese teachers all over the world don’t have good materials on teaching. Many teachers “have” started to create their own curriculum and edit all the materials for their students. However, these efforts are usually not paid. That’s one of the main reasons why many young teachers give up their teaching career.

  • Foreign laborers in Chinese-speaking countries can’t communicate well with their employers because of the culture and language barrier. Dahua Chinese will cooperate with institutions and governments to empower the Mandarin-speaking workforce around the world.

SDGs17: Partnership for the goals

  • We cooperate with students, teachers, and institutions all over the world to combat information asymmetry.

  • We offer a friendly community for our subscribers to ask questions and discuss learning materials with all Dahua Chinese students in the world.

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