About Dahua Chinese

“Language is the dress of your thoughts.”
– Samuel Jackson

What is Dahua Chinese?

Dahua Chinese is the first online weekly Chinese learning magazine.

Our goal is to help you confidently navigate and communicate in Mandarin Chinese. To reach this goal, we set 5 main themes for our weekly themes, including living, culture, current events, literature, and business.

Why Dahua Chinese?

As a group of Mandarin Chinese teachers, we care about students’ learning experience. However, we’ve been unable to find interesting material suitable for students above the age of 15.

After long discussions with more experienced teachers, we’ve found that there are many teachers who have tried so hard to edit materials themselves in order to make classes more interesting.

Editing learning materials not only requires a lot of time, educators also need to be mindful of level control, teaching methods, topic choice, etc. After going through the problems above, there are designs, proficiency checks, and translation works waiting for these teachers.

This not only would weaken the passion of teachers, but also doesn’t help students get the material they really need. And the worst is, because of these crazy amount of working load, teachers are underpaid badly. This also makes many Mandarin Chinese teachers leave their teaching career because they need to create the curriculum by themselves in exchange of their work-life balance.

A complete curriculum of teaching should be created by a team!

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For Our Clients

We hope we can help you gain a vivid, interesting, authentic, and deep learning experience. We aim to help you speak your mind, and make language learning not only just about the words but also about language-culture learning!

What We Do

Dahua Chinese wants to gather enthusiastic partners and combine this energy together!

We will provide you professional and high-quality learning materials by using the content and language integrated learning (CLIL) method and referring to the CEFR, TOCFL, and AP Chinese standards, suitable for students who are in StarTalk and Flagship program and all the Mandarin Chinese learners all over the world.

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